5 Important Questions for E-Commerce Conversion Optimization

My Answer to Know Your Customer. 5 Most Important Questions to ask for E-Commerce Conversion Optimization on Quora.

It’s all about knowing your customers.

1. What are visitors looking for when they visit my E-commerce site?
You need to fish out what visitors are looking for and deliver it to them. This question is tough to measure because you have no way to contact visitors who didn’t find what they were looking for once they leave your site. One idea is to ask the user a feedback question while they’re on the site. The end goal is to use the data to realign your landing pages.

2. Why does a visitor buy?
Informs you on what factors influence visitors to make purchases. You should make these factors more prevalent to all users.

3. Why do visitors not buy?
Tells you why visitors pull away from making a purchase. You can then move and fix the problems your customers are facing.

4. Why do customers make repeat purchases?
The goal in E-Commerce is to have loyal customers. On average an E-Commerce site needs a customer to make 4 purchases to make the customer profitable for the company. Talk to repeat customers and figure out how you can keep them buying and how their experience can be improved.

5. Why do one-time buyers not make repeat purchases?
It’s the other side to the previous question. Figure out why certain customers don’t buy from you again and once you’ve fixed it you’ll start improving your CLV.

In essence we’re getting to know our customer in broad segments and then working on improving each segment’s experience to improve our conversion rate.

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